Victim Villain to Victorious is based on the True Life Story of Gina Gandolf/Jones

A story of redemption even after doing the unthinkable. This is a Series that begins with childhood and ends with her life now as a Woman Of Grace. These are 3 Chapters that will become a mini-series of 12 books. These 3 chapters will be the only 3 chapters released of the series of 12 small mini books. This is a mini look into an up and coming possible movie series as well the books and a soundtrack tour to come.

Gina Today: Looking down at my hands and my feet I remembered what my mother said about me when she had me in the Jerome Idaho hospital. As she held me looking at my little hands and feet she softly whispered, I wonder where these little feet will go and what these little hands will touch in life. It brings tears to my eyes as I looked at older hard working hands and my feet with some signs of age where all my feet have been and what all my hands had touched in life. My life has so far been the struggle almost a hell on earth that seems never ending. My feet have taken me to almost all states in the U.S. and some abroad and my hands have touched so many men sexually that I can’t even count them all, as well as every kind of drug I could get my hands on, hard earned money, dirty money, the steering wheels of broken down cars to sports cars. I have lived in the worst pig pen of a trailer that I fixed up dressing up my pig pen making it livable to the very nicest Condo or House on the block drinking Champagne. 

Even as I type this I wonder if this is finally it. I have been a forever optimist of my plight almost a female Joe Dirt times 1000. And here I am almost 58 living in yet another trailer that is not in my name but I make the payments (a double wide nicest one in the park) but still not doubt a trailer also driving a vehicle both in a publishers name that I had to write 60 some songs for so that he would help me. I am thankful for what I have, I am thankful that there may be hope to tell my story so that others cannot do what I did. I have lived at least 5 lifetimes in one. 

I was born into a non-believing home where a Bible was pretty much not around. I have truly come full circle because as I type this I am a praying God believing woman who wants to step up and out with the full belief that the last half of my life will be used for whom I believe is my Father in Heaven. I didn’t come upon this belief easily and this story will tell you that I had to be knocked down almost every week of my life before and after I started believing in something other than myself. Raised a pagan, God chased me into the Pits of Hell on Earth to Save Me From Myself! To show me what I was destined for. I pray daily that he gives me strength and renews my youth as I wait for a film company to pick this up and pitch it as a series to Netflix. I am trusting God and giving it to him and following what he tells me to do through the whole process. 

This is not just another inspirational story that most of you cannot relate to, in this I tell it like is, like it was leaving nothing out. Because I am not a stick in the mud Christian that believes I can float in on a cloud saying Praise the Lord and all of the other Christian lingo that most people do not even understand and expect people to be touched by my story. I am the real deal, I maybe almost 58 but my Spirit is that of a 30 year old with a huge calling on my life and a lot to do with the rest of it. And I may be 60 before this story comes out on a Movie Series with a Sound track tour but Moses was 80 when God called him to deliver his people from slavery. This story is inspired by true events in my life and is not for the weak at heart the judgmental Christian believers that would believe there is no redeeming value in it. It is only by the Miracles of God himself that I am alive to write this, to work on a movie series about it and put together a soundtrack tour to back it up. In the Bible  it says: We have over come by the Word of our Testimony and the Blood of the Lamb. These are my tests and This is My Testimony.